Hiking Boot Repair

Hiking boots are probably the most important piece of equipment you will purchase for your hiking. Hiking boots are the things that endure the most amount of wear and tear. Soles and seams are bound to get soft and wear out. Don't throw out your boots just because the tread is shot or the liners are torn. Before you make the painful decision to replace your pair with a new one, invest some in repairing your existing one as it may have some more life left in it.

There might be a little problem. hiking boots are made with complex materials like Gore-Tex liners and cemented unit soles and repairing them may prove to be a headache to your friendly neighbourhood cobbler. Hiking boot repair requires technical knowledge. There are qualified cobblers around the country who specialize in re-soling lightweight hikers, mountaineering boots and rock shoes. Hiking boot repair takes a week or two and can lighten your pocket by $40-$80 depending on the condition of your hiking boot. Here are some of the hiking boot repair stores that might interest you:
Dave Page, Cobbler
3509 Evanston Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103
Komito Boots
235 West Riverside
Estes Park, CO 80517
The Cobbler and Cordwainer
73 Crescent Avenue
New Rochelle NY 10801
Boot Repair & Resole:
The Rubber Room
175B North Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
resole@rubberroomresoles.com (e-mail)

Rock Shoe Specialist
1422 20th Street, #D
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Quality Shoe Repair
11427 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Note: Addresses subject to change