Custom Hiking Boots

Van Gorkom

For those who take hiking and backpacking seriously, custom hiking boots are the preferential choice. Boots are handcrafted to the shape of one's own foot. A small company in Canada called the Van Gorkom Custom Boots specialize in the hiking boots custom made to your feet. As no two feet are exactly alike, each boot is made to match the foot that will wear it. Time required to make each boot varies from 1 to 2 days.

Old european techniques and tradition make this custom hiking boot, a perfect fit for your feet and will break in easily to the mold of your foot's shape. It is waterproof. These boots can be ordered through either E-mail, phone or mailing address. After supplying the necessary details such as the footprints, measurements, and tracings of your feet, the boots for YOUR feet are supplied to you. Time required depends on the work-load which ranges from 6 to 18 weeks.


Custom Hiking Boots and Custom Backpacking Boots. Esatto make custom backpacking boots for people who are want a best fit for their hiking boot. Esatto means precise or exact. They provide customised hiking boots in about 6 weeks.