Hiking Boots

Welcome to hiking boots guide. You online guide for selecting best hinking boots. It provides hiking boots reviews, views and information on all available hiking boots brands like Lowa, Asolo, Salomon, Nike, Timberland, Merrill, Scarpa and many more. We hope you find our site useful in selecting your best hiking boots.

Why do you need hiking boots guide?
Hiking boots are quite expensive and are the most important part of your hiking gear. Right hiking boots can move you faster, safer and last longer than many cheaper hiking boots. So the hiking boots guide is all about giving information and what boots are the right choice for the price you are paying for it.

Hiking Boots
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  1. Why do you need hiking boots?
  2. How do I choose the right hiking boots?
  3. What are the brands available for hiking boots?
  4. Where can I buy hiking boots online?
The links below provide specific hiking boot information that you may seek. They provide valuable information on hiking boots such as choice of hiking boots, hiking boot care, waterproofing etc.

  • Narrow Hiking Boots
    Narrow hiking boots are available at select stores and select brands. Some infotmation about how to choose a hiking boot for narrow feet.

  • Hiking Boot Care
    Hiking boots are expensive. They should be an investment, not just a buy and proper care must be taken to maintain your hiking boots.

  • Lightweight Hiking Boots
    Light hiking boots are ideal for small trips and light hikes. Light hiking boots are flexible but with less support.

  • Custom Hiking Boots
    Some boot manufacturers provide hiking boots that exactly fit your size. The boots are individually crafted by hand into the shape of your foot.

  • Waterproof Hiking Boots
    Waterproof hiking boots are always a good idea when going on a backpacking trip. Waterproof Hiking socks also prevent blisters from forming on your feet.

  • Winter Hiking Boots
    Winter hiking can be an exciting activity provided you have the right equipment and footwear.

  • Insulated hiking boots
    Insulated hiking boots are essential on hiking trips in severe cold conditions. Insulated boots provide the much needed warmth to the feet in the chill.

  • Hiking-boot-repair
    Hiking boots are an investment. So before throwing away your old/worn out pair, see if you can get them repaired. Some information on hiking boot repair and contact addresses of repair stores.